Types of Fabric

Everyone’s been on the verge of applying fashion to every piece of accessory that they own, including bags, clothing and many more. One of the most important factors or materials that is needed to build common fashion-forward accessories such as bags are fabrics. When it comes to fashion, fabric is always a popular term whenever there’s fabrication and designing involve. There are many types of fabrics that everyone seems to have been using, from Linen, Cotton, Polyester and many more.

While there’s a range of different fabrics for each type of accessory or clothing, there are also different uses for fabrics and it doesn’t only limit to your day-to-day bags and clothing. For example, fabrics can also be used in fabricating different fashionable smartphone cases. Everyone’s familiar with smartphone cases, and most cases are using fabric as its basic primary material upon crafting.

To familiarize each fabric and to be able to differentiate each one of them, here’s a basic guideline for each fabric and their basic features and uses.

  • Linen Fabric - is called the king of the natural cloth. Linen is widely used for manufacturing household clothes and equipment. Linen, being a natural fiber, is considered safe for all skin types. Linen fabric is also recommended for sensitive skin because its natural properties make it resistant to allergies.
  • The linen fabric does not cause problems like irritation, allergic reaction, etc. The natural fiber of linen makes it strong and resistant for everyday use. Linen is an easy-care fabric, meaning, there are no special treatments are required to clean this type of fabric, for it’s completely washable by hands. Although white clothing is used for all types of clothing, yet mostly, it is mainly used for home decoration items such as tablecloths, bedspreads, curtains, etc. View our linen drawstring bags
  • Burlap Fabric - Burlap is a practical fabric with a wide variety of uses. This type of fabric is also an extremely versatile fabric made from Jute fibers
  • In the garden, it can also be used to make composting bags, cover for roots and for the winter protection of trees and shrubs. Only for a low-cost, this type of fabric offers an elegant and ecological natural look, making it ideal for vintage style wedding decorations, table runners, bags, clothing, crafts, window coverings, outdoor rugs and much more.
  • Cotton Fabric - The fabric that is believed to be softer and safer is called a cotton fabric. The immense use of cotton fabric for children's clothes or sheets is a living testimony of its softness and softness to the skin.
  • The cotton fabric has a distinctive feature that easily adapts to the climatic needs for what is called a seasonal fabric. In the summer season, the cotton fabric keeps the body fresh and easily absorbs the sweat, while giving a feeling of warmth when used in the winter season. Due to its soft-feel texture, it’s quite ideal to be used also on fashionable accessories such as bags and cases. Our cotton muslin bags are extra soft.

  • Jute Fabric - Being one among the strong and durable fabrics, this fabric is ideally used as sacks or bags for packaging since it aging. Jute fabric is an a much-soughed item for fashionable clothes, home furnishing, and fashion accessories.
  • The most important use of jute fabric is for the production of carpets, linoleum, cordage and twine. It is sometimes used as a strap to cover the interior springs of the car seats. It is sometimes used as a fashion accessory used for clothing, tapestries, soft suitcases, etc.

  • Velvet Fabric - Velvet is one of the smoothest and softest of all other types of fabrics. Velvet fabrics are specially manufactured and processed thanks to their distinctive properties. Velvet fabrics are used in a variety of home appliances, such as clothing, including trousers, shirts and many others. In addition, the velvet fabric is used in sheets, covers, curtains, etc. The velvet fabric is no less than silk in any evaluation, whether it is gloss or endless glaze. The velvet fabric, thanks to its high-class appearance and the vitality of the prices, it became one of the most preferred fabrics in the market.
  • In modern times, velvet fabrics are used in multiple designs and colors. They are also stronger and more elastic than the previous velvets that were manufactured years ago. The new velvet fabrics need less maintenance and can be washed and dried easily. The use of modern innovations in the composition of velvet fabrics has made it more easily accessible to the common masses. 
  • Polyester Fabric - Polyester is a type of fabric that is not naturally found. The polyester fabric is man-made. The polyester fabric is widely used in various applications and is very much in demand in markets. This fabric has different qualities because it is as popular as the resistance to wrinkles and returns to its soft shape. The polyester fabric is very resistant and soft.
  • The polyester fabric can also be mixed with other fabrics to make a strong and durable fabric combination or for any other reason. For example, in the upholstery, polyester is usually mixed with wool to eliminate crushing and reduce fading. There are various uses of polyester fabric, such as those used for curtains, curtains, floor coverings, rugs, bed linens and as a padding/cushioning or insulating material.